Thursday, March 10, 2016

Now a PSI/PCI PREMIER Facility

Do you need tank fills, visual inspections or repair service for your scuba, paintball or pneumatic air rifle cylinder? We are a Premier PSI-PCI Facility offering the following cylinder services:
• Tank Visual Inspection (VIP) with Eddy Current Testing - $18 including an air fill
• Valve Repair - usually less than $25
• Air Fills up to 4500 PSI - $8 per cylinder
• Enriched Air Fills (Nitrox) up to 36% - $15
• Cylinder & Valve Oxygen Cleaning –
o Tank - $20
o Valve $15
o Combo $30
Contact us today, air fills completed while you wait and all other services have less than a 48 hour turnaround. Ask us about our frequent air fill card.

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